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Mozyk Netlabel is a Bulgarian label for extreme glitch electronic music created in 2012.

Focused on the diverse genre called glitch in its most aggressive and dark forms.

Free for download releases accompanied by optional order of a physical versions (CDs and audio cassettes).

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Mozyk Netlabel
BeK from France presents his unique mindbending sound with this short EP. A mixture of melancholy, furious energy and somehow even calmness. Fine selection of tracks, made in the past one year and inspired by various weird objects that caught the attention of their creator. Enjoy MOZYK002! Order a limited edition cassette from here Music by BeK Design by Randomform
Topics: bek, france, glitch, idm, glitchcore, breakcore, experimental, ambient, electronic, electronica
Mozyk Netlabel
Glitchy and powerful IDM sounds, sharp like needles, penetrate the space between the ears, leaving pleasure for those who enjoy feeling tinkles in the brain. "Between the ears" dissolves your conventional thoughts and releases the energy that your neurons contain, then breaks everything into very small pieces. Optional order of a 2CD / Cassette. It is like an explosion from another dimension, without the common human sense for...
Topics: mozyk, mozyk001, compilation, glitch, glitchcore, electronic, electronica, experimental, breakcore,...